Shixi Technology Titles the “2018 Dreamland Electronic Music Festival”
Source:Liu Hexin Posting Time:2018-10-02

When you are in the skyscrapers, the other side of the world is riding a camel to watch the concert; the thunderstorm of the electronic music festival is gathering over the Alashan Tengger Desert. In the vast desert, the world-famous electronic music event, where you want to see the fine scenery, the passion you can imagine, all is here.

The "2018 Dreamland Electronic Music Festival", which was titled by Shixi Technology, opened on October 1st in Tengger Desert in the Alxa Left Banner of Inner Mongolia. The Alxa Heroes, existence for 13 years, is the most famous and most involved desert culture event in the country. Dreamland Electronic Music Festivalis one of the most fascinating chapters, while Shixi Technology, a well-known multinational talent service platform, assisted the grand occasion altogether.

The Alxa Desert Dream Park during the day is the city of desert, a city of highest speed. However, in the evening, it is transformed into a metal city, the city of electronic music. As night falls, the pyramid radiates the splendid light;the laser draws a colorful beam in the night; the exciting drums stimulate everyone's passion. The 2018 Dreamland Electronic Music Festival is coming, giving you a full reason for the carnival in the desert.


The exciting site of  2018 Dreamland Electronic Music Festival

As an Internet education and talent service platform that integrates technology, culture and finance, Shixi Technology led millions of dream catchers into the Tengger Desert to start a grand carnival. This time is a little different from the past that Shixi Technology exclusively provided dozens of young and charming student volunteers for guiding and maintaining the order. All of them gathered on the platform of Shixi Technology to respond to the call of the desert and music festival.

Shixi Technology Provided Student Volunteers, Congratulations on the Opening of the Electronic Music Festival

Shixi Technology, founded in 2014, setted up by Rose Fan who has a Computer Science master. It is a one-stop HR service and financial high-tech platform in China for global internship, employment, workplace education and training. Through online and offline services, Shixi Technology provides international talents with craftsman spirit and public interest for the society, covering millions of students and cooperating with over ten thousand enterprises to create a new business model that integrates technology, culture and finance, assuming leadership at home and abroad.

Rose Fan, founder and CEO of Shixi Technology, not only pays attention to the difficulties of student employment, but also is committed to cultivating students charity and craftsmanship. Faced with the reality of the deteriorating environment in the Tengger Desert, she is worried about the public welfare and environmental protection. Then, 2018 Tengger Desert Environmental Action came into being. Rose Fan called on Chinese university students to actively join the China's desert environment renovation and protection actions as members of the Environmental Volunteer team. Shixi Technology awarded a certificate to young volunteers participating in the Tengger Desert Environmental Action.

Shocking music, fantastic lights, and gorgeous fireworks make a legend in this  fervent desert. The passion without constrained had been lasting until the early hours of the other morning. In places where sands has blown, followers were celebrating actual life and creativity.

Setting up Camp in the Atmosphere of the Modern Art

In the desert campsite, artists boldly combine elements of technology, lighting, and music. You can camp in the modern art installation area surrounded by the atmosphere of the modern art, enjoying the splendid straight smoke, round setting sun above the long river. Just take the world as a pillow and sleep with stars and moons!