Giants of the World Gathering ;The 26th Annual Convention of CAST-USA was held Grandly
Source:Liu Hexin Posting Time:2018-10-12

Giants of the World Gathering ;The 26th Annual Convention of CAST-USA was held Grandly
CAST-USA awards “Innovation Collaboration Award” to Rose Fan, co-founder and CEO of Shixi Technology

CAST-USA Annual Startup Competition Title Sponsored by Shixi Technology

      America Eastern Standard Time:On the afternoon of October 12, 2018, in New Haven, Connecticut, the “The 2018 Global Innovation Summit and The 26th Annual Convention of CAST-USA” kicked off. At this conference, the world's top experts and scholars from the fields of biology, medicine, AI, economics and finance gathered to share their experiences and insights in their fields. Ms.Rose Fan , co-founder and CEO of Shixi Technology from China, won the “Innovation Collaboration Award” and delivered a keynote speech.
      Due to efforts those, who could make progress in the field and industry of innovation and technology, made and at the same time those, who enterprises and individuals play demonstrations and leading role, this convention awards them “Innovation Collaboration Award”.



Awarding “Innovation Collaboration Award” to Rose Fan

Rose Fan delivered a keynote speech

Rose Fan pointed out in her speech that Shixi Technology is the first one-stop HR service and financial high-tech platform in China for global internship, employment, workplace education and training.Through online and offline services, Shixi Technology assumes leadership at home and abroad, covering millions of students and cooperating with over ten thousand enterprises to create a new business model that integrates technology, culture and finance. After years of effort; Shixi Technology has successively merged and acquired more than 30 high-quality enterprises in the upstream and downstream industrial chain and mastered the professional skills in related fields to build a complete industrial ecosphere covering education, internet, big data, internet of things, new energy, film and television, real estate, healthcare, smart service, modern agriculture, finance and much more while sharing an enterprise based on high technology for joint progress in financial capital and real economy with the key focus on talent training, internship and employment. It innovates these three aspects in one model of education, technology and finance.
    The 2018 Global Innovation Summit  “Annual Startup Competition” title was sponsored by Shixi Technology while Rose Fan was invited to be the expert judge. A total of seven winners were selected in the competition, and their innovative design concepts won the praise of the judges. Rose Fan presented the award to the first winner and encouraged him to go further on the road of innovation and entrepreneurship to make greater contributions to human society.

      Dannel P. Malloy, Governor of State of Connecticut, sent a congratulatory letter to congratulate the CAST-USA 26th Annual Connference and expressed his honour at the election of the Annual Connference in New Haven.
      The conference will last for 3 days. At the Sino-US Investment Coorporation Summit with the theme of “Investing in the United States”, Mr. Toni Harp,New Haven Mayor, and representatives of entrepreneurs and scholars, have deeply analyzed the investment environment  and the state of science and technology of the United States from different perspectives and they described the bright prospects of investment and exchange activities between China and USA.
      Victor Pan, Chairman and of Organizing Committee and President of The 26th Annual Convention of Chinese Association for Science and Technology, said “On the top of these, CAST-USA cherishes the friendship, and promotes the exchange of culture, technology and goods between the two countries. We are proud to build the bridge between people.”

Dr.F.Duncan M.Haldane,the Nobel Prize winner in physics, delivered a speech

      Duncan Haldane, born in 1951, London, British, was awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics. He is a physicist who is currently the professor of physics at Princeton University, and a theoretical physicist. Haldane is known for a wide variety of fundamental contributions to condensed matter physics including the theory of fractional quantum hall effect and much more.Haldane delivered a speech— New Developments in Quantum Mechanics: “entanglement” and the dream of “Topologically-protected quantum computers”.


Rose Fan had a close conversation with the Nobel Prize winner in physics, Dr.F.Duncan M.Haldane. He showed his medal in a witty manner.
Dr.F.Duncan M.Haldane appeared at Shixi Group exhibition stand and highly praised Shixi Technology for their training projects and he incited younger generation to make significant progress in the field of education and training.

Dr. Tso-Ping Ma, Director of IMEC of Yale University and NAE member, delieved a speech, The Moore’s Law and Evolution of Semiconductor Microchips

Dr. Scott J. Miller, Professor and Department Chair of Chemistry at  Yale University ; member of AAs, delieved a speech


Dr. Ronald R. Breaker ,member of the AAS, Dean of the Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology at Yale University, delieved a speech.

Dr. Jorge Galan, Dean of Microbial Pathogenesis and Cell Biology at Yale university, member of the AAS, delieved a speech.


Dr. Mark Hochstrasser, Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Molecular Cell and developmental biology at Yale University, delieved a speech.


Shixi Technology has a exhibition stand; executives and staff shared ecperience with the guests.

The proceeding of the 2018 Global Innovation Summit

        The new operation mode of Shixi Technology attracted great attention from the conference.Rose Fan interviewed by American Television: "Shixi Technology is a global human resources platform that provides one-stop services for internship, employment and workplace training. It also provides innovative financial service products with the purpose of building bridges between schools and enterprises to cultivate international talents with craftsmanship and charity for the society."
        The convention was attended by: Mr. Rich Kassel, Executive Vice President of Capalino  Company; Metrohartford Alliance,David Griggs, CEO and President of Metrohartford Alliance; Mr. Michael Tetreau, First Selectman, Town of Fairfield, CT ;  James Aiello, Chairman of Greenwich first executive committee and Council of Economic Advisors;Sherry Li, chairman of the board of  America Thompson Education Group; Dr. Peter Raymond, ecosystem science professor of  forestry and environmental research college at Yale University; Teresa and H. John Heinz III, practical environment and chemistry professors at Yale University; Paul Anastas, cheif of green chemistry and green engineering center at Yale University.

Guests Present

        The members of CAST-USA are mostly composed of professors, senior engineers and professionals with high education. CAST-USA owns 16 branches situated throughout the United States. Since its incepetion, Annual Convention of Chinese Association for Science & Technology USA has gathered scientific talents and elites from all levels at each year to focus on the latest progress made in the science and technology.