Shixi Technology was invited to attend the 2018 Education Technology Exhibition and the “Golden Sail Awards” and provided volunteers.
Source:Liu Hexin Posting Time:2018-12-20

On December 20, 2018, the 2018 Education Technology Exhibition and the "Golden Sail Award" hosted by at Beijing Jianguo International Convention Center. was invited as a partner institution to attend and provided excellent volunteers.

With the advent of "Internet +", there has been a thriving scene in all walks of life. The education industry believes that it cannot be left out. "Internet + education" and "education + Internet" will only make education move forward better, and both teaching and scientific research will complement each other improving together.

The Education Science and Technology Exhibition held at the end of 2018, gathering all the parties and all the guests to join hands to contribute their effort in the field of science and technology. The theme of the event is “innovate, Create Education and Ideas”. This time, we are also keeping abreast of the pulse of the times, taking a new starting point to examine the connotation of "new age science and technology education" and explaining the characteristics of "science and technology education", exploring new ideas for the development of educational technology.

Different from the conventional type of exhibition, this exhibition create the red carpet precedent for the education conference attended by well-known corporate CEOs, executives, education entrepreneurs, primary and secondary school principals, industry investors and so on, which polishes the conference. Three major themes of the conference were offered with discussions and roundtable forum strived for leaving a valuable and warm experience for the participants. This exhibition, a win-win conference, a fruitful tour, witnessed enormous educational institution carrying their new products and technologies. was invited as a partner to participate in the Education Science and Technology Exhibition and to provide a number of outstanding student volunteers. The entire process from the guest signing, guiding the reception, on-site consultation, preparation to the background control were all provided by the active and serious volunteers, who won the recognition and praise of the organizers and guests by their meticulous working attitude. Most student volunteers came from Beijing universities, and some students even came from Tianjin, Nankai University to participate in volunteer activities. Thanks for their hard work and participation! This Education Technology Exhibition is more eye-catching and exciting because of their existence. The students also expressed their enthusiasm for being a volunteer. They said “I learned a lot from this volunteer service and I am very grateful for the opportunities offered by”


 The student volunteers are working

Shixi Technology not only provides volunteers for significant large-scale international events, but also holds college workplace training lectures, job fairs, entrepreneurship forum lectures, internship salons, and community sharing sessions. In the future, Shixi Technology will also adhere to its initial intentions and help the Chinese and foreign students to obtain global internships and employment opportunities. A bigger and better world stage created by is waiting for the younger generation.